Congregation Shireinu
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Shireinu's Vision

Shireinu is an inclusive, liberal and welcoming new Jewish community. As part of this new progressive congregation one can come and explore Judaism through creative, joyous and musical worship and study.

Values of our community are expressed through a participation model represented in the word SHIRAH (song)

S= Shabbat Celebrations
H= Holiday Observances
I= Intergenerational Learning
R= Relationships/ Caring Community
A= Action/Tikkun Olam
H= Hevra/ Friendship Community

Imagine a wheel in which the “Rabbis” are the center and each of the spokes are propelled by the task forces that relate to each of the values. In other words this Participation Model is made up of Advisory Task Forces. The Rabbis are the facilitators of each task.

The Task Forces have evolving missions where the assignments and the participants change. For example, a task force under Holiday Observances may be assigned to Sukkot. This group of volunteers would help the Rabbis create and facilitate the building of the Sukkah, the food preparation, the study material, the publicity, the music, and even the clean up. Once Sukkot program is over, so is that task force. Individuals can then move on to join another task force of interest.